Friday, April 29, 2011

Welcome Ozzie!!

Okay, so I admit, my hubby has been more about getting a brother or sister for Blue then I have. I wasn't totally sold on the idea. We looked at potentials online and it was definitely cute imagining what it would be like to have 2 dogs.

On Wednesday, the Humane Society of Pinellas County posted a picture of a 5 year old Mini Aussie named Ozzie. He was so cute!! I showed my hubby and he thought so too. Then yesterday, they posted a video of Ozzie. Oh goodness... They know what they are doing when they post videos. I mentioned to hubby I was resisting the urge to go meet Ozzie, he said he'd check out the video. Within an hour, my mom and I were at the Human Society to meet Ozzie, He had a temporary hold until 2, someone was bringing their dog back to meet him. For whatever reason, it did not work out for them, so I put a hold on Ozzie myself, so that I could go back with hubby and Blue to meet him. Blue and Ozzie pretty much ignored each other in the pen there when we returned in the afternoon. Blue was excited to be somewhere new, with dog toys all over the place and all kinds of new scents. And Ozzie was distracted by all the people there. We had a choice to bring him home or think about it overnight. We brought him home.

I was wondering how Ozzie would handle the car ride. I know that Blue LOVES to ride in the car. He is always going places with us. Ozzie answered my question immediately by jumping right in the car. He does the same thing Blue does - he sits up and looks out the window when the car stops and lays down when it's moving.

When we got home, we took them both right out back to run around the yard. Ozzie reminds me of a little bear. He is pudgy and doesn't do much running, but he loves it outside.

They did well throughout the evening. A couple times Ozzie gave Blue a little warning snap when Blue was being his obnoxious puppy-self but other than that it was all good. At one point, we were all laying up on the couch. Good thing we have a big sectional!

For Ozzie's first night in his new home, we decided to put Blue's crate in the kitchen and leave the door open. We closed off the kitchen so Ozzie had the run of the kitchen and could go in and out of the crate as he wanted. We didn't hear one peep out of him all night (even during the thunderstorm during which I was a little concerned he'd be scared). Blue slept in bed with us as he is accustomed to after many months of being King Snuggleboy of the house. Blue woke me up to go out at his usual 5:15am and we went to get Ozzie. Ozzie didn't make any messes in the kitchen overnight. I took them both out, they both did their business, and then back inside to play.

It hasn't even been 24 hours yet but Ozzie seems very at home here. Blue is handling it very well. If anything, I think Blue wants to play more than Ozzie and Ozzie just wants to be content for the time being and lay around and sleep. I imagine he has some sleep to catch up on.

My favorite moment was this morning when Blue was in his usual spot on the sofa looking out the front window and he barked at a squirrel. Ozzie jumped right up next to him and looked out with him - they were side by side, their cute little Aussie butts wiggling. I think they are going to make great brothers!


  1. The only way I can tell them apart is because Ozzie is chunkier than Blue! :-) I will have to pay special attention to the pictures you post so that I know who is who. Congrats on the new are in for an adventure with two babies!

  2. Aww! Congrats on the new addition! They both look alike! I wish I could get a dog, but being a single mom with 3 boys all under 5 are enough!

  3. Congrats! They're so cute!!