Monday, April 18, 2011

Dare I post these?

As I have become quite the blog-follower as of lately, I see alot of progress photos and I think it's great way to keep track of changes to your body during your weight loss journey. I had my hubby take some photos of me last week and I've been wanting to post them but have not had the nerve. That leads me to this post...

Of course I need to post them, that is why I am here! That's why I'm sharing my journey on here for anyone who is interested. If I liked the way I look and feel in my skin now, I wouldn't be taking these steps to a better me. So, I am going to post them. I don't like them, it's upsetting to see, and I will be glad when I have better ones to post soon.

When I first joined WW back in Jan. 2006, it was all because of a picture of myself that I just could not get out of my head. One that I would look at and think, who is that?? I find myself in that position again, 5 years later. Who is this in these photos? It's not me... It's not the girl who a few years ago felt great in her skin or enjoyed wearing cute capris and tank tops. This girl wants to hide behind clothes that are too big. 

Having lost 8.6 lbs. just 4 weeks into this journey has me motivated to keep going. These photos motivate me as well. Sharing these photos with anyone who sees them on here, motivates me ALOT.


  1. You have very distinct curves in your photo! Your body is very proportional ! I don't have the guts to post my journey pictures at all...they are horrible :) I have shown them to a few people though. Maybe one day I will be more gutsy!

    have a wonderful week!

  2. I think posting this is awesome way to stay motivated. I posted a similar picture but in a tank on my other blog, so that I could be fully motivated and accountable every time I look at it.

  3. Nanci, that’s awesome! I applaud your guts…reminds me of the photos that Jamie Lee Curtis went public with several years ago. I was so impressed with her honesty and confidence!
    After seeing myself in my wedding pictures last year, I was appalled with how I looked. I joined the gym, started eating better and lost a few pounds. Our anniversary is in less than three weeks….not a damned thing has changed. Same weight, shape and ‘whatever’ attitude! An entire year wasted…an entire year’s worth of money to a gym I’ve barely used. That sucks!
    That’s it! I’m dusting off the bike and gonna look for a good deal on some new roller blades! Time to forget the gym and start doing fun stuff!!! The gym just isn’t a sustainable solution for me to exercise!
    Thanks for posting your pictures!

  4. Thanks everyone! I've wanted to delete the pics since I posted them, but I'm not going to. They'll help me stay motivated and the thought of them motivating someone else makes me happy too!