Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Setting goals - April!

My goal for March was to walk 100 miles - did it. I have been thinking about what to set my goal for April. I want to keep up my walking but I need to add in some cardio and I think I want to get back into TaeBo. And while the thought of that terrifies me at the moment because I know it will be hard for the first few weeks, I am quite sure that I can suffer my way through it. After all, I did just walk 104 miles in one month. Clearly I am up for a good challenge.

Here is my goal for April:
Walk at least 15 miles a week
TaeBo at least 2x a week
Ultimately I would like to walk M-W-F- S-S and do TaeBo T-Th. But I think if I try to keep to a set schedule like that, it may get complicated as my timing may not always work out the way I want. So... I'm just going to do what I want, when I want and see how it all works out.

So here we go!

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  1. Those are great goals :) Very obtainable. I haven't done TaeBo in years! Might be something to try again.