Saturday, April 23, 2011

Strong legs

I caught a glimpse of my legs this morning when I was running. Between the endorphin-rush I was in the midst of and the sun hitting them just right, it occurred to me that I have strong legs. I have worked them hard this week, so far I'm up to 17 miles for the week and I did TaeBo twice.

I am fortunate that my body responds as it does. When I am good to it and treat it right, I get results. Obviously this isn't always an easy thing. Sometimes it's easier to sit on the couch and do nothing or eat junk food. But I am a muscular person and after doing the right exercises, those muscles will show. I'll have the legs that I used to have and the arms and shoulders that I love to show off in tank tops.

I took this picture after my run this morning. They were like jello and I could feel every muscle in them, bitching at me for pushing them so hard this week between walking, running, and TaeBo. After a rest, they'll be ready to go again and will continue to see me through this journey.


  1. I wish my legs were cooperating with me. I am hoping as the lbs come off, it will be easier... But I know I need to do more strength training on them, especially my calves if I want to lose the shin splints entirely.

  2. Great post!! And great pic!

  3. Love your tattoo!