Friday, April 8, 2011

Me 3 - Scale 1

I felt like I was walking the plank this morning as I walked up to the scale. I knew that it would not be in my favor. I know my body well enough to know when this will happen. My hubby told me this morning on his way out the door to let him know how I did after I weigh in and I said I know I gained. Way to be positive, he says... Technically I was being positive, I was positive that I gained.

Lorraine, our fearless leader, asked me about my gain, did I expect it, how do I feel? I told her that yes, I expected it, but it still sucks. It has been a tough week all around, party last weekend, Daddy's birthday Monday, not feeling well, less activity because not feeling well... All of that is reason for the scale to be up and not down. What I am surprised about it that it's not up more than a pound. BUT, today starts a new week and this one will be better. She told me that is a great attitude and to not give up.

For all those keeping score out there, I have weighed-in for 4 weeks now, and 3 of those weeks I lost weight. This is the first week with a gain. Technically I am still winning. But that doesn't help with the little voice that keeps trying to interrupt my thoughts telling me that I could have done better.

We're starting a walking challenge at the meeting and of course I signed up. I can totally do that.

Now that the weigh-on is done and I faced my gain head-on, it's time to put it behind me. I will not let the scale beat me next week. No way, no how. The score next week will be Me 4 - Scale 1... Guaranteed.


  1. Good attitude! If we let the bad weigh ins get to us, it does more harm than good. You just have to do the best you can do.

  2. I hide and make excuses for gains (this week especially) so while it sucks, it happens and accepting it and mentally making the change is all you need to see better results next week :)