Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reckless abandon and more

I am so proud of myself for being down 6.6 pounds in the 3 weeks since returning to WW. I am right on track for how I want to lose it. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

We talked about what works for us in yesterday's meeting. The first thing that came to mind is ACCOUNTABILITY. I need it. It's the only way I can succeed. Otherwise I will eat anything and everything, in large quantities, and without any thought about what it will do to me. Without the accountability and structure of WW, I eat with reckless abandon. And that isn't good for me.

Losing 6.6 pounds gets me under the 160 mark. Always setting small goals for myself, my next milestone will be 149, getting just under the 150 mark will be huge as it's been probably a year since I've seen those numbers on the scale.

I talked in the meeting about my 100-mile walking goal for the month of March. Some of the members thought I was CRAZY. Others thought I was the coolest thing ever for not only setting such a goal, but for actually completing it. One of the ladies that works there pulled me aside at the end of the meeting and told me I am a huge inspiration and because of me, she is going to walk more. That makes me feel so good. I like the thought of inspiring people. Who knew??

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  1. Walking 100 miles is AWESOME! Seriously I am so motivated by that. I am going to be adding you to my list because frankly I need more people like you to keep me motivated. Great loss as well!