Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm not sorry

Remember my guest blogger I had awhile back, Joanna from Diary of a Mad, Fat Woman? I love her blog, I read it daily. Of all the ones I follow, I find myself looking for her updates first. As a reminder, here is her guest post on my blog. One of the things I love most about her is that she is very real. She has daily struggles and she is not afraid to be honest and an open book.

Anyhow, today on her blog she blogged about not being sorry about things. I LOVE THIS. It can be the smallest thing or the biggest thing, it doesn't matter. It's important to her and she knows enough to not be sorry for it. So, you probably know where I'm going.... I am copying her idea and doing my own. Here we go.

I AM NOT SORRY for having McDonald's for lunch today. I drove 200 miles round trip today for work and the last thing on my mind was having a salad or some such point-friendly meal. We went through the drive through and I had a hamburger, fries, and coke and I enjoyed every single fattening, high-point, delicious bite of it. I have had a love affair with McD's french fries since I was a little girl and today was no different. What makes them so damn good?!

I AM NOT SORRY that I played hooky from work on Tuesday. Yes I had work to do and would have kept myself quite busy with it but it was so much fun to take Autumn to the sprayground and watch her play. How could I possibly choose work over fun time with her when given the option?

I AM NOT SORRY for hating Casey Anthony. She is a rotten, evil, disgusting person and I cannot believe she will go free next week. She was lucky enough to have a child and not only did she not care but she killed her and will walk free. Seriously, I HATE her.

I AM NOT SORRY for the time I take for myself to walk. I do stuff for other people all day long, walking is MY time. I need that time to unwind, clear my head, and for my mental health.

I AM NOT SORRY for being the strong-willed person that I am. My feelings about things that are important to me and I will stand behind them. If you don't like it, too damn bad.

I AM NOT SORRY for the effort we put forth to try and have a child. While I do not like the financial aspect of it, I know that we tried everything we could given our health and financial conditions.

I AM NOT SORRY that I am so picky about the people that I choose to trust and let into my little world.

I AM NOT SORRY for the hard work that my hubby and I put ourselves through because I know we both work hard to provide for each other. I do wish things weren't so hard all the time but I am not sorry for the time we put in.

I AM NOT SORRY for the attempts I make at being a better person, even if it doesn't work.

I AM NOT SORRY that I did not work out last night as I got to spend time with my hubby.

I AM NOT SORRY that much of our Saturday and Sunday were spent at home or running errands because ultimately it meant time spent together. No matter what we do, anytime spent with hubby is fine by me. And lately it seems like it's less and less.

I AM NOT SORRY that I don't get on a scale more than once a week. We have not had a working scale here at home in a few years and the only time I get on a scale is on Friday mornings at WW. I am not sorry that I no longer put myself through the torture of getting on the scale every single morning and seeing numbers fluctuate as much as 5 pounds in a day. For me, weighing myself daily does not work. It only feeds my OCD-tendencies and drives me insane.


  1. Love this! What a great post! And good for you for not being sorry. I think we spend too many breaths apologizing for things.

  2. I'm so glad you did feels good, doesn't it??

  3. I'm not sorry that I loved this post!!! hehe :)