Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family time...

I am so excited, two of my aunts from California are visiting this week. I consider myself very lucky when it comes to my aunts - they are amazing, strong, wonderful women. As an aunt to Autumn, and having that niece/aunt bond, I strive to be even just a little bit as wonderful as they are. I have very big shoes to fill.

Everyone knows about my love of photographs. My aunt BJ shares that love. We must have the same gene that makes us love photographs. She brought with her, a CD full of family photos, some of which I've seen, some I have not. Some are recent, some are old. I especially love the photos of my mom and dad back in the day. I LOVE family photos. Oh and there is a great photo of my cousin Raena and I. We are asleep on the photo - totally passed out. I don't remember it, but it sure is funny.

I am so happy they are here. The time will pass much too quickly and before we know it, it will be time for them to go home next Tuesday. But in the meantime, there will be much laughter and fun and reminiscing. Love you bunches BJ and Darlene....

Here are a few of the my favorites on the CD....

This is a bittersweet one, taken at the hospital just 2 days before my dad passed away, after Darlene, BJ, and Debi flew in from California to be with us.

Me, Grandma, Mommy, Nick, and my cousin Punky - this was in the 80's (my clothes and hair confirm that) in Houston at Hanna Barbera Land.

My cousin Raena and I. Apparently we were REALLY exhausted.

Mommy and BJ - LOVE this one!!

My cousin Terra and I, beach beauties. =)

Grandma - love the outfit and cigarette in her hand. So retro. =)

My daddy.

My cousins Terra, Raena, and me! (look at my socks!!!)
Darlene with my cousin Lindsay, and my Daddy

Me and my mommy

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  1. That pic of you and Raena is hilarious!!!! :)