Sunday, July 17, 2011


Having a strong desire to compete or to succeed 

This morning's walk/run was my best to date. My 3 best times so far are:


Last weekend I shaved 1 second off when I finished in 43:34. 1 SECOND.

This morning when I hit the start on my nifty Nike+ app on my phone, I decided I was going to beat that 43:34 by more than 1 second. And I did, by 2 min. 30 sec. to be exact.

I start out walking and I have certain landmarks at the park where I will run - between signs, etc.... It's a great way to alternate walking and running with an end in site. A lot of times, I'll push my running a little farther - not to this tree, how about the next one. It's always fun to challenge myself.

I am not a fast runner. And it's certainly not pretty when I run. I am the person who looks like I'm going to keel over - heaving breathing, shoulders hunched, and a bright red face. But you know what? I'm doing it. I will never be that person who runs so gracefully it looks like they are taking a leisurely stroll. My pace will get better and over time I'll be able to run farther than I do now, but it will never be pretty.

I am VERY competitive with myself. When I beat my previous time by 1 second, my first thought was I can do much better than that next time. I ran more than normal and when I did run, I tried to run a little faster. And it made a difference. My legs feel great and they feel strong and I am super proud of myself.

My next goal? To get under the 40 min. mark. That is just a matter of time. Because I am crazy competitive with myself, moreso than anyone else.

I took this picture at the park this morning - isn't it beautiful??

Eagle Lake Park

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  1. That's awesome!! I'm so proud of you.

    I plan on getting back to running this week - I've missed it so much.

    When I first started, I thought the same thing about the way I looked... but you know what? Over time you start to feel more "normal" running...and in no time you will feel that way. I'm sure you already look great, you just have to convince yourself of it.