Thursday, June 2, 2011

An ah-ha moment!

I have been waiting for a moment such as this and it happened earlier today, making me smile in the midst of my crazy day. So much so that I am taking time out of the craziness to actually share it with everyone who is interested. Ready? Here goes....

My waist feels smaller and my shorts are too big on me.

I know what the scale says, that I've lost 10.8 lbs. (as of last week's weigh-in). But I had not yet had such a big ah-ha moment where I FELT like I was down 10.8 lbs. - until today. (I did comment to hubby last week that I felt like my hips were slimming down some, but it was not such a huge moment as this one).

It drives my hubby insane when I talk about losing weight. He, of course, thinks I'm perfect and that I don't need to lose weight. He loves me the way that I am. And Lord knows I love him a bazillion times over for that. (I would like to add here that even though he thinks I don't need to lose weight, he is very supportive of me being on WW and is proud of me when I have a good week and helps me get through the bad weigh-ins). But, back to my thought, I'm not doing this for him. I'm doing it for ME. I am the one stuck with this body and it is up to me to make the most of it. The joy of being able to wear the clothes that are currently too small for me in my closet will bring me immense happiness and will remind me that once again, I was able to take charge and feel better about how I look and feel. I will never be skinny, it's not in my genes to be skinny. I will always have curves and muscles, but I want to not stress over what I'm wearing for fear of it looking funny and not feeling comfortable in my skin. I want to be healthy. Bottom line.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's weigh-in update... I really feel like it could go either way. After having a 2 lb. loss two weeks in a row, I feel like it's more likely to have a gain. I did splurge on a couple meals this week (including Cold Stone!!) but I also walked ALOT and I've been keeping up with my 64 oz. of water a day. It's hard to not always focus on what the scale says, sometimes it's how our clothes fit. So, we shall see... Either way, I am ecstatic about my ah-ha moment.


  1. Great job with your loss so far!

    I did drive my boyfriend crazy in the beginning when I would talk weight-loss, diet, meals, calories day in and day out with him. Thankfully I have a blog to turn to! He's very supportive until I start bashing my own body.

  2. I'm so happy for you! It's a great feeling when you can realize that all your hard work is really paying off. Good luck tomorrow and keep your head up, whether it is a plus or minus week.

  3. Isn't it amazing when you finally start to feel the differences??

    I love the positive attitude flowing from this post...keep up the great work!!