Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My odd little quirks...

It has occured to me as of late that I have some odd little quirks. Well, I've always known that I've had them and that they're odd, and that in turn makes me odd. But I decided that I should share some of them, just to bring someone some laughter on a Tuesday, or even to make someone feel better that you don't have the little quirks that I do. Here goes...

  • I have to make the bed every morning. I cannot leave my house with making the bed. In fact, it happens between drying my hair and using the flat iron - always.
  • Everyone knows how much I love Starbucks... Hot or cold, I am always up for one. If it's a hot drink, though, it must be what I like to call OCD-compliant. The drinking hole in the lid must be in perfect alignment with the logo on the cup and the sleeve. The holiday cups can make this tricky since they aren't always as simple. I cannot drink it until it is OCD-compliant. And my husband (love you honey) knows to make it OCD-compliant should he get one for me.
  • While we're talking about OCD, I absolutely am. I don't count or wash my hands a bazillion times, but I have issues being the one to lock the door when I leave the house. This poses a problem Monday - Friday when I am the last to leave the house. I will check it and re-check it. If I am rushed or distracted when I leave, I will drive back to make sure it's locked. Just for the record, I'd like to state that never once have I gone back to check in a moment of panic to find it unlocked. It's ALWAYS locked.
  • I try to not drink soda too much (need to get back to that now) but there are certain foods I have to have soda with... Pizza, tacos, and popcorn. Water or ice tea or whatever will not suffice. It has to be soda.
  • Speaking of popcorn, when I go to the movies, I have to have Nestle Bunch A Crunch with my popcorn. I eat them together. I can't do just popcorn and I can't do just Nestle Bunch A Crunch, no that won't work. I have to have them together.
  • If I find a shirt that I like, I will buy it in multiple colors which seems odd because my most favorite color shirt to wear is black. You know, it's the most slimming color.
  • I am obsessed with my iPhone - this really isn't a quirk, I just wanted to state the obvious.
  • Not new to anyone who knows me, but I cannot stand American cheese. It offends me. It is the most disgusting thing ever. It's not real. And even worse, white American cheese. OMG.
Be thankful you aren't me. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I just wanted to let you know I'm here stalking your blog. LOL Like it or not, we've all got those odd little quirks like that, it's what makes us special. ;)(and this comes from someone who maybe has a few different shades of the same shirt hanging in her closet as well. LOL)

  2. Sort of like me with my CDs and DVDs having to be in their cases "just so"... Or never being able to sleep on my left side b/c I swear it feels wrong. Or crossing and kissing my fingers anytime I drive near a green light that I think will or is currently turning yellow. Or not eating anything even remotely breakfast related after 10am b/c that's "just not the way things are done in my world. Plus it tastes funny after 10am."

    Oh, and that's just the tip of the iceberg...

    (BTW: I also have different shades of the same shirt.) ;) Quirks are awesome. They are part of what make us who we are!!! :D