Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little Boy Blue

Anyone who knows me, knows about Blue. He is so darn cute, I just have to talk about him and post pictures of him. Fun facts about Blue:

  • Blue is a Red Merle Miniature Australian Shepherd.
  • Blue's birthday is Jan. 15, 2010.
  • We named him Blue because he has one blue eye.
  • Nicknames include Little Boy Blue, Snuggle Boy, Blucifer, Mr. Saucy Pants, and Buddy - all can be used in one day depending on what kind of trouble he's getting into or if he's being a little lover.
  • He weighs approx. 27 pounds.
  • He is HIGH energy and loves to run and play.
  • He loves to go for car rides.
  • He is my walking buddy - he will walk and walk with me, mile after mile. He also loves to run, but that needs practice.
  • He has a baby face when he's tired. His ears go back and he just looks so sweet and innocent.
  • Around 8:30 everynight, he gets tired and will lay on the the sofa and fall asleep. This is when he turns into Snuggle Boy.
  • He likes to sleep on the pillow above my head at night. Mike says it looks like I'm wearing a hat.
  • Blue loves to go to Starbucks. They give him treats there.
  • I love how it looks like he's laughing and smiling when he's super happy.
  • He loves to learn new - he craves it, in fact. Teach him something new and he'll pick it up super fast.
  • He loves to go to the park and he loves to play with other dogs.
  • He is my little boy and he is incredibly spoiled. He is our only child.
I could probably go on and on... Here are 2 pictures I took today...

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