Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday randomness

I can't believe I haven't blogged since last Wednesday. Last week was such a blur, so much going on. This week I hope to not be in such a state of constant running and hoping to be able to stick to my more normal routine. I definitely do better with structure.

My Friday morning weigh-in at WW showed a 1.2 lb. gain. I was not happy about it but there is no one to blame but myself. The scale MUST go in the other direction this week and I know that for the most part, that is up to me. Like I said before, structure.

I did not work out at all last week. My only physical activity was when we took the dogs to the park Saturday morning. It was our first time taking Ozzie and we were pleased to see that he loves the park as much as Blue. And they walked great together. He really fits in nicely and it's already hard to imagine him not being here. Anyhow, I DID work out today - did my 36 min. TaeBo Cardio Circuit 1 workout. While doing it, I decided that I need a new plan of attack this week. Still wanting to walk 15 miles a week and do TaeBo twice a week, I am going to split it up. I am going to get my walk in in the morning. Whether outside with the pups, on the treadmill, or Leslie Sansone workouts on ExerciseTV - I wll get my walking in. Then in the afternoons, 3 days a week, I will do TaeBo. This will serve a couple purposes.... One, in the morning it will keep my from going back to sleep on the couch after hubby leaves. Ironically, I think this may be making me more tired. And two, it will let me spend more time with the pups in the afternoon and time to do other things that need to be done. Tomorrow will be day 1 of walking in the morning.

I have a new obsession - the Kindle app. Hubby recently got an iPad and in my playing around with it, I decided to give the Kindle app a try again. I used it once on my iPhone and while it was neat, it was just much too small for me. Too small to read on a regular basis. I also love books - real ones. Something about the hardcover and the feel and smell of the paper. And how they look so neat on our fabulous IKEA bookshelf. But a book that I've been wanting happened to show up as a FREE download. I love the word FREE. The download was super quick. And I immediately started reading it. Much of my day yesterday was spent on the couch reading Fixing Freddie, a book about a woman and her son and a dog. No shocker that I love books about dogs. Anyone who has the Kindle, I highly recommend that you go on Facebook and "like" the Pixel of Ink page. They have alerts every day for free or discounted e-books. Just what I need, another addiction.... Now if only my hubby would get home with the iPad so I can get back to my book.

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  1. Some weeks are really good for me as far as getting my workouts, others...not so much. I know how you feel.

    I want me an IPad!!!