Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I *heart* Walking

It's no secret that I've been walking alot lately. ALOT. I set a goal of 100 miles for the month of March. I am getting close and WILL meet that goal. I have only missed 2 days this month. That's 20 days of walking out of 22 days, to date. That's a lot of walking.

Doing this much walking makes me wonder why I got off track (no pun intended) and stopped walking. Life started to get in the way and I made excuses that I was too busy, had too much going on, and on and on. But I NEED to walk. It is literally like therapy. When I am walking, all the stress I carry on my shoulders the rest of the day isn't there. I'm not thinking about all the stuff I need to do or work stuff or any of that. I am just focused on that time that I am making for myself and truly enjoying it. And bonus, it's good for me physically, too.

I take Blue with me - he LOVES it. Being a high-energy dog, he needs it. The minute I get home, he is so excited because he knows we're heading out that door. It's great bonding time with him - he is so loyal. He is ready to walk whenever I want and will walk as far as I want. And for that I am thankful because it is Blue that got me out the door and walking again. Thank you, little buddy.

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