Sunday, October 23, 2011

Training comes to an end...

For the last 4 months, I have joined Jenna on her training walks for the 3-Day. Each week, our walks in Safety Harbor increased in mileage, in preparation for the big event. I have met some wonderful ladies, heard some touching stories, and have enjoyed the company of Jenna and the others on many a Saturday morning. And the beautiful sunrises and scenery, just breathtaking.

The dynamic duo!

When I started walking with her, it was H-O-T. And it got hotter. The best part of the walks, besides the fabulous company, were the pit stops with the ice cold towels that I would either wrap around my neck or put on top of my head. The last couple of weeks have had such nice weather. This weekend, in particular, was so nice and cool - we even wore jackets. Nothing like walking on a cool, crisp morning with low humidity. So awesome.


Our longest walk to date was 20 miles last Saturday, much like they will experience on the actual 3-Day. It took us 7 hours (not including breakfast). We were SO proud of ourselves when we finished. Someone asked me this week how do you walk 20 miles? You just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Simple as that.

Glorious sunrise this morning over Tampa Bay. 10/23/11

This was the last weekend for training walks. We did 6 miles yesterday and 6 miles this morning. Everyone seemed so excited and pumped for next Friday - the REAL thing! I am so excited for everyone and will keep everyone in my thoughts and cheering everyone on. Jenna and I have already signed up to crew next year. I am so excited to share that experience with her after having such a great time training with her this year.

Pretty view from the bridge going into Philippe Park. 

I was a little sad this morning when we all went our separate ways but I so look forward to next year when it all starts over again.

GOOD LUCK to all the fabulous ladies on Thanks For The Mammories and SOB's. You all ROCK!!

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