Saturday, February 4, 2012

Training with a friend!

The past month, my good friend Terrie and I have been meeting on Saturday's to walk in preparation for the Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon on February 12. We both knew the other was planning to do the half marathon, but it was by chance that we started getting together weekly to walk together. She has a hip injury that reared it's ugly head and her usual training took a back seat. She just happened to get ahold of me one day and asked if I wanted to meet up with her to walk. Sure! I am so glad we did.

Since then, we have walked 5 times - three times along Bayshore Blvd. in Tampa, we did a 5K in Wesley Chapel, and last week we walked our farthest together, 11 miles over the causeway to Clearwater Beach and Sand Key.

Walking has always been a stress-reliever for me and walking with a friend is an added bonus. Just like my walks with Jenna, it is always wonderful! Terrie and I have a common goal in mind with the half marathon coming up next week. I am super excited that we will share this experience together, our first half-marathon. Whatever our finishing times are next week, we will be cheering each other on. it's not about who will finish first or last. Even if we get separated, we will support each other to the finish line. I can't wait!!

A few of my favorite pics from our walks....

A glorious sunrise at Ballast Point Park
in South Tampa

Memorial Causeway to Clearwater Beach

Sunrise over downtown Clearwater

View of Sand Key from Memorial Causeway
in Clearwater

View of downtown Tampa from
Ballast Point Park

Beautiful Byshore Blvd. in Tampa


  1. I just wanna laugh and cry at the same time! I have enjoyed our walks and our talks more than you know! I feel that they have been such a blessing, both physically and mentally and you, my friend, an extra special blessing!

    Next weekend is going to be a very memorable event for both of us and I'm so excited! ...nervous too! you believe that it's really here???? I say we start training for next year's Rock-N-Roll right away!!! We're running next year though!!! ;)

    Thanks for being a part of this and for being my training partner!!! I love you!!!

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